Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is it for?

You, likely, but not certainly. See here for more details.

2. Are there any networking opportunities?

Yes. One of the reasons to attend the ARPM Bootcamp is the opportunity to network with a large community of finance professionals and academics, during the breaks as well as during our networking events.

3. How do I prepare for the ARPM Bootcamp?

Once you enroll, during the months leading to the ARPM Bootcamp you will have access to our on-boarding process, which includes pointers, preparatory case studies, and forum support.
Furthermore, we recommend that you read the Executive Summary of “The Checklist” for Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management and become familiar with the structure of the ARPM Lab.
Finally, please brush up on the basics of: linear algebra (eigenvectors, eigenvalues), calculus (derivative, integral), and statistics (“pdf”, “cdf”, “i.i.d.”).

4. Is there any discount offered to firms that plan to send more than one participant to attend the ARPM Bootcamp?

Yes, discounted group rates are available. Please contact info [AT]

5. Is there a deadline to sign up for the ARPM Bootcamp?

Registration closes when all available seats are filled. As such, we encourage you to register early to secure the spot.

6. Is it necessary to have a laptop during the lectures?

It is highly recommendable. Also, ensure you have several hours of battery life to last you throughout a full day of lectures.

7. Is there a dress code that needs to be followed during the ARPM Bootcamp?

The dress code is casual. We feel it is important to feel comfortable in order to best absorb the materials.

8. Is it possible to interact with Dr. Meucci outside the lectures?

Yes, there are Q&A sessions on Friday and Saturday for attendees to discuss questions with Attilio Meucci.

9. What materials are retained by the attendees?

Attendees are granted free full access to the ARPM Lab and to the curated video-lectures in the ARPM Bootcamp MOOC as stated on the Delivery page.

10. Can we record the lectures?

Recording (video and/or audio) is NOT permitted on NYU facilities.

11. What are the differences between the ARPM Bootcamp (onsite and online) and the ARPM Marathon?

For the differences between our trainings, please refer to the Bootcamp and Marathon pages.

12. Is there a mandatory exam?

No. There are optional exams, for those who intend to pursue the Certificate in Advanced Risk and Portfolio Management.

13. What kind of visa should I apply for to enter the USA?

Please contact a travel agent or the US Embassy/Consulate in your area
We provide formal invitation letters upon request.

14. I’ve heard the class has many students. Would a smaller class be better?

Having a large number of participants is the only way to make such a high-profile event available at such a reduced price.
Furthermore, the large number of participants is actually an advantage:
- first of all, there are numerous informal and formal networking opportunities
- second, given the large number of participants, Dr. Meucci always stays precisely on schedule and, hence, covers all course material in a timely manner
- finally, participants can address and discuss course related questions via the virtual classroom.

15. Is there a refund policy?

Yes, please refer to our packages page.

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Our thousands of alumni include senior executives from world-renowned banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, funds such as BlackRock, Two Sigma and AQR, and a wide range of other professionals and academics with different backgrounds.


Hundreds of financial institutions worldwide have trusted ARPM with the education and the growth of their talent pool.


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