Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I prepare for the ARPM Certificate?

To prepare, you can use any materials available to you: textbooks, internet, code,... However, the ARPM Lab covers in depth precisely the topics of the ARPM Certificate Body of Knowledge across theory, case studies, data animations, code, exercises, slides.
Furthermore, we have created two programs that leverage the ARPM Lab to walk you through the topics of the ARPM Certificate: the (faster) ARPM Bootcamp, and the (deeper) ARPM Marathon.

2. How does the ARPM Certificate compare with a Master's in Financial Engineering (MFE), CFA, FRM, or PRM designation?

First and foremost the ARPM Certificate is fueled by the ARPM Lab, a unified, all-encompassing, interactive e-learning platform with all the practice materials, delivered on interconnected channels:

icon Code (Python/MATLAB)
icon Theory
icon Data animations
icon Exercises
icon Case studies
icon Slides


The ARPM Certificate demonstrates a higher mathematical proficiency and complements such designations

Cost and time commitment are much less.
The four modules of the ARPM Certificate cover all and only what you need to learn, without overlaps:
1. Financial Engineering for Investment
2. Data Science for Finance
3. Quantitative Risk Management
4. Quantitative Portfolio Management

3. Are the ARPM Certificate exams difficult?

We set the bar high in order for the ARPM Certificate to speak for your skills to the employers that trust us.
See a mock-up exam and related solution for Level I here and for Level II here.

4. How do I estimate the preparation time?

Self-study preparation varies greatly based on your background. For reference, you will need approximately 5 months to take both Level I and Level II, if you choose to be guided by the ARPM Marathon.

5. What if I fail? How many times and when can I repeat an exam of the ARPM Certificate?

You can repeat either Level I or Level II exams any number of times, whenever the exams are offered, at the discounted repeat price.

6. Can I take the Level I exam, the Level II exam, and the Practical project in any order?

Yes, you do not need to follow any specific order, as long as you complete the three pieces within a time span of three years.

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