The Practical Project of the ARPM Certificate tests the ability of candidates to create quantitative models anew and to present their results to senior management.

The project is an individual creation of the candidate’s choice on topics in the ARPM Body of Knowledge:
Financial Engineering for Investment
Data Science for Finance
Quantitative Risk Management
Quantitative Portfolio Management

Breadth of coverage is favored over depth.

The project consists of three components:
1. A one-page description of the project
2. The associated Python or MATLAB code
3. A 10-minute recorded video presentation of the project.

The grade for the project is a number P in the interval [0,1], the minimum score to pass is 0.65.
The grade for the project is computed as P=D*C*V, where “D”, “C” and “V” are scalars in the interval [0,1].
The scalar “D” evaluates the description. Candidates are expected to clearly state assumptions, methodology and conclusions.
The scalar “C” evaluates the code: if the code is modular, easily readable, and accurately mirrors the description C=1; if it does not run C=0; for the intermediate cases an intermediate value will be determined.
The scalar “V” evaluates the video presentation. Candidates are expected to speak clearly and to be able to communicate quantitative concepts to an audience of interested generalists.

To submit the project, candidates should adhere strictly to the guidelines below.
For each violation, P is multiplied by a factor 0.8; late submission implies P=0.

– Put all the code, functions and data in one folder containing one and only one main script “S_Main.py” or “S_Main.m” which runs the whole project
– test your code in MATLAB 2016/2017/2018, or Python 3.5/3.6
– (for Python only) All the figures and diagrams should be generated by Matplotlib (ideally pyplot)
– (for Python only) Do not use any external packages, other than those listed No record found.
– name the pdf description file “Description.pdf” and place it with the code in the above folder. The total length of the description, including any potential figures, should not exceed one page
– name the wvm presentation file “Presentation.wvm” and place it with the code and the description in the above folder. The total length of the presentation should not exceed 10 minutes
– name the folder (your own) FirstName_LastName and zip it
– attach the zipped folder to an email
– the body of the email should be empty
– the subject line should be “ARPM Certificate Practical Project”
– send the email to infoarpm.co by the deadline in the calendar below.

Project registration deadline
Project submission
Project grading


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