Students can choose to enroll in the whole ARPM Marathon, or in any of its individual core or preparation courses, in one of the three formats below: Online class; Corporate training; Academia.

Online class

You can choose to proceed completely independently.
Alternatively, you can enroll in a structured, customized program that best fits your background and time availability, and we will guide you all the way to the Certificate of Completion with live lectures, Q&A support, assignment grading, and more. This is how it works:

  1. you choose one or more of the below:
    Preparation courses (25 hours)
  2. given that we run each course every quarter, according to the below calendar, we help you build a customized itinerary during an information session:
    • we divide the workload across one or more quarters
    • we provide a detailed weekly schedule, linked to the respective materials, for
      • video lectures
      • study/practice time
      • face-time with instructors
      • homework
    • we embed you in a group of like-minded determined individuals from all over the world that follow the same schedule
  3. you obtain access to:
    • ARPM Lab: theory, case studies, data animations, code, exercises, slides
    • video lectures for your courses
    • virtual classroom with private forum, to interact and network with instructors and classmates
  4. as the course(s) evolve:
    • ARPM personal trainers help you stay on track with your daily schedule of workload
    • ARPM instructors meet weekly live with the class, in flipped classroom format (the most effective for the hard sciences)
    • ARPM instructors answer all your questions in the private forum
    • ARPM instructors grade your homework
  5. at the end of your course(s) you receive a Certificate of Completion, provided that your forum activity, live classroom activity, and homework grades are satisfactory.

Corporate training

We deliver a tailor-made program to you and your colleagues alone, in terms of scope, schedule, intensity and format.
With the ARPM Marathon Corporate delivery we provide the utmost level of customization and assistance, to ensure full absorption of the materials.

Joining our corporate training includes:

  • customized workload and schedule, based company’s goals and constraints
  • access to ARPM Lab: theory, case studies, data animations, code, exercises, slides
  • access to ARPM Marathon video lectures
  • access to company-specific ARPM Forum for Q&A with instructors and across colleagues
  • homework assignment and grading
  • face to face with instructors
  • coaching service to keep resources on track
  • Q&A follow up in private Forum
  • on-site miniBootcamps.

With the ARPM Marathon Academia delivery you follow the Marathon at your university, taught by your university's faculty.
Partner universities deliver the courses of the ARPM Marathon to their students, in the format of live flipped classrooms hosted by their faculty, enhanced by ARPM's online materials.

Accordingly, in the Academia delivery of the ARPM Marathon

  • partner universities provide core instruction, through their faculty:
    • live flipped classroom with breakout sessions
    • Q&A follow up in private Forum
    • homework assignment and grading
    • office hours.
  • ARPM provides all the support materials for web-based self-study:
    • ARPM Lab online: theory, case studies, data animations, code, exercises, slides, video lectures
    • Learning management system integrated with the Lab: Q&A forum, scheduling, preparation reading, ideas exchange.

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