Students can choose to enroll in the whole ARPM Marathon, or in any of its individual core or preparation courses, in one of the three formats below: Online class; Corporate training; Academia.

Online class

We run four times a year each of the four core courses and three preparation courses, according to this calendar:

This is how it works:

  1. you choose one or more of the below:
    Core courses (120 hours) Preparation courses (25 hours)
  2. we on-board you in the cohort for that term (Fall/Winter/Spring/Summer)
    • we provide a detailed weekly schedule of: lectures, study time, homework, face-time with instructors
    • we embed you in a group of like-minded determined individuals from all over the world that follows the same course(s) and schedule.
  3. you obtain immediate access for one year to:
    • the ARPM Lab: theory, case studies, simulation clips, slides, exercises, code (Python and MATLAB), shareable notes
    • the the ARPM Marathon micro lectures for your courses
    • the ARPM Forum customized for your cohort, where you will interact with the ARPM instructors, as well as network with your fellow students.
  4. a designated ARPM personal coach helps you stay on track week after week with all the items of the schedule
  5. a designated ARPM instructor answers the questions in the cohort's ARPM Forum and host the weekly face-time sessions.

Corporate training

We customize the ARPM learning experience, designing the most suitable program specifically for one cohort of employees in a given company.

Joining our corporate training includes:

  • customized curriculum, workload, and schedule, based company’s goals and constraints
  • access to ARPM Lab: theory, case studies, simulation clips, code (Python and MATLAB), exercises, summary slides, shareable notes
  • access to ARPM Marathon video lectures for customized curriculum
  • access to company-specific ARPM Forum for Q&A with instructors and across colleagues
  • homework assignment and grading
  • face to face with instructors
  • coaching service to keep resources on track
  • review sessions
  • on-site miniBootcamps.

Partner universities deliver the courses of the ARPM Marathon to their students, according to the most effective teaching practice for the hard sciences. Indeed, the combination of a) flipped live classroom with instructor and b) web-based self-study outperforms 1) traditional lecture, 2) web-enhanced lecture, and 3) web-based self-study.

Accordingly, in the Academia delivery of the ARPM Marathon

  • partner universities provide core instruction, through their faculty:
    • live flipped classroom with breakout sessions
    • review sessions
    • homework assignment and grading
    • office hours.
  • ARPM provides all the support materials for web-based self-study:
    • ARPM Lab online: theory, case studies, simulation clips, code, exercises, slides, shareable notes
    • ARPM Marathon video lectures, embedded in the Lab
    • Learning management system integrated with the Lab: Q&A forum, scheduling, preparation reading, ideas exchange.

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