Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is it for?

You, likely, but not certainly. See here for more details.

2. Why the ARPM Marathon?

  • Practice: the ARPM Marathon includes access to the ARPM Lab, with Python/Matlab code, case studies, exercises, simulation clips, theory, slides, video lecture.
  • Focus: statistics, analytics, quantitative investment, our focus since the year 2000, long before the machine learning and big data revolution in finance. Not focused on risk-neutral derivatives pricing.
  • Time: not as demanding as a master, more comprehensive than a MOOC.
  • Flexibility: you can take the ARPM Marathon one course at a time at your own pace.
  • Price: our scalable model allows us to provide quality on a budget (see also high-discount group rates).
  • Depth: the ARPM Marathon goes deeper than other offerings.
  • Assistance: because we go deeper, we help you more, with careful grading and office hours.
  • Certification: because we go deeper, the ARPM Certificate matters to employers.

3. Can I start and finish the Marathon when I want, or do I need to follow a strict schedule?

You can start the Marathon at any time, and finish it at any time within one year, by accessing in sequence the recorded lectures at your own pace. Of course, you are also welcome to attend all the live lectures.
If you proceed at your own pace, we offer a coaching service to keep you on track, please contact us for more information.

4. Is it possible to attend only one or only some of the courses of the ARPM Marathon?

Yes, please refer to our packages page for the pricing and to enroll.

5. Is it better to follow the live lectures or the recordings?

It is best to follow the recordings, rather than the live lectures, for the following reasons:

  • the live sessions are merely recording sessions open to the public, which we perform to keep our recordings continuously up-to-date
  • we do not take questions during the live sessions, so as not to slow down the pace of the instruction
  • on the other hand, we curate the long recordings, splitting them into smaller topic-specific clips, which we embed surgically in the ARPM Lab, so as to surround them with all the relevant support materials. This allows our students to focus on one topic at a time, with no interruptions or delays, while maintaining all the advantages of a well-sequenced and highly structured syllabus
  • we complement the recorded lectures with numerous personalized interaction: we offer a large number of live office hours at convenient hours worldwide, we grade all homework and provide feedback, we offer live networking sessions. Also, upon demand, we offer a "personal trainer" service to help students stay on track with their personal schedule.

6. Do you cover all possible models?

Rather than presenting yet another (always partial) list of models, our approach is to discuss in depth the key principles that drive all models, and show how a few relevant examples follow from such principles. This allows our graduates not only to understand all the current models, but also, and most importantly, to build their own.

7. Will I be ready to talk about the latest innovations in machine learning?

Our approach is to derive quantitative models from principles, rather than present yet another recipe book. This allows our graduates not only to converse on current advanced topics, but also to understand how new topics fit in the general framework of learning and decision theory.

8. How much homework is assigned?

There is homework for every class. You need to plan to spend at least one hour of independent study for each hour of class.

9. Can I skip the homework?

You can skip any or all homework: we assign and grade homework for your convenience only, for you to realize if you are on track, and if anything needs more attention. The homework grades will not contribute toward the ARPM Certificate.

10. Are the instructors available for Q&A?

Yes, the instructors provide office hours.
Furthermore, they respond in class to most questions sent their way.
Also, we follow up on any question posted on our Forum.

11. How long will I have access to the recorded lectures or to the ARPM Lab?

Access to the live and recorded lectures of the ARPM Marathon, as well as to the ARPM Lab, lasts for one year since you enroll.
You can extend your ARPM Lab subscription indefinitely.

12. Are the ARPM Certificate exams or any other exams mandatory as part of the ARPM Marathon?

There is no mandatory exam: the ARPM Marathon (courses) and the ARPM Certificate exams are separate: you can take either one without the other. However, while attending the ARPM Marathon, we encourage you to pursue the ARPM Certificate.

13. What are the differences between the ARPM Marathon and the ARPM Bootcamp?

Please refer to our course comparison page here.

14. What discounts are available?

We have a variety of discounts: heavy group discounts, affiliate discounts, school discounts. Please check our packages. If unclear, please contact us directly and we will respond promptly.

15. Is there a refund policy?

Yes, please refer to our packages page.

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