Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why the ARPM Marathon?

  • Practice: the ARPM Marathon includes access to the ARPM Lab, with theory, case studies, data animations, code(Python/MATLAB), exercises, slides, video lecture.
  • Focus: data science, quantitative risk management, quantitative portfolio management, our focus since the year 2000, long before the machine learning and big data revolution in finance. Not focused on risk-neutral derivatives pricing.
  • Time: not as demanding as a master, much more comprehensive than a MOOC.
  • Flexibility: you can take the ARPM Marathon one course at a time at your own pace.
  • Price: our scalable model allows us to provide the highest quality on a budget.
  • Depth: the ARPM Marathon goes deeper than other offerings, including masters’ programs.
  • Assistance: because we go deeper, we help you more, with schedule customization, live sessions answers to all technical questions, grading, coaching, etc.
  • Certification: because we go deeper, the Certificate of Completion for any course, and ultimately the global ARPM Certificate, matter to employers.

2. Who is it for?

You, likely, but not certainly. See here for more details.

3. Do you recommend self-study or the assisted class?

We recommend the assisted class because of all the support we provide in that format.
However, if you have an iron will, the self-study option provides more flexibility.

For more information, please check the Marathon Delivery page.

4. Can I start immediately at any time?

Yes, if you are ready. If you contact us, we will schedule an interview to find out with you.

5. Is there a recommended sequence of courses to attend?

Yes, the suggested sequence is:
1. Financial Engineering for Investment
2. Data Science for Finance
3. Quantitative Risk Management
4. Quantitative Portfolio Management.

6. Can I attend all courses simultaneously?

You can attend all courses simultaneously and complete them in one quarter. However, we recommend completing one or two courses per quarter, unless you can study full-time.

7. Is it possible to attend only one or a couple of the ARPM Marathon courses?

Yes, please refer to our Pricing page.

8. How much time should I dedicate per week?

You should plan to dedicate approximately 10 hours weekly for each course. However, this number varies depending on your background knowledge.

9. Are there mock up exams I could view for practicing purposes?

Yes. Please visit our Certificate Testing pages for more information.

10. Are the instructors available for Q&A?

Yes, we follow up on every question posted in the private Q&A Forum.

11. Are the ARPM Certificate exams or any other exams mandatory as part of the ARPM Marathon?

There is no mandatory exam: the ARPM Marathon training and the ARPM Certificate are separate offerings. However, while attending the ARPM Marathon, we encourage you to pursue the ARPM Certificate.

12. What are the differences between the ARPM Marathon and the ARPM Bootcamp?

In a nutshell: they both cover the same topics, but the ARPM Marathon goes deeper than the ARPM Bootcamp. Please refer to the Bootcamp and Marathon pages.

13. What discounts are available?

Please check our Pricing page for: group, affiliate or student discounts.
If unclear, please contact us directly and we will respond promptly.

14. Is there a refund policy?

Yes, please refer to our Pricing page.

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