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Quant Bootcamp benefits


Each year Bootcampers have the opportunity to listen and learn from leading industry quants. Past guests included:

Robert Almgren Robert Almgren

Co-Founder at Quantitative Brokers

Dan di Bartolomeo Dan di Bartolomeo

Owner, Northfield Information

Jean-Phillipe Bouchaud Jean-Phillipe Bouchaud

Chairman at Capital Fund Management

Peter Carr Peter Carr

Professor at New York University

Rama Cont Rama Cont

Professor of Mathematics, Oxford University

Emanuel Derman Emanuel Derman

Professor at Columbia University

Bruno Dupire Bruno Dupire

Head of Quant Research at Bloomberg

Jim Gatheral Jim Gatheral

Professor at Baruch College, CUNY

Alexander Lipton Alexander Lipton

Co-Founder at Sila

Bob Litterman Bob Litterman

Co-Founder at Kepos Capital

Bob Litzenberger Bob Litzenberger

Professor at University of Pennsylvania

Andrew Lo Andrew Lo

Professor at Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Dilip Madan Dilip Madan

Professor at University of Maryland

Fabio Mercurio Fabio Mercurio

Head of Quant Analytics at Bloomberg

Dan Rosen Dan Rosen

CEO at d1g1t

Til Schuermann Til Schuermann

Partner at Oliver Wyman

Steven Shreve Steven Shreve

Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Extra benefits



Bootcampers are intensively supported by a Virtual Classroom with:
  • 30 hours of recorded lectures
  • 24 hour Q&A forum for theory and code questions
  • Quizzes
  • Networking e-Café/chat with a group of like-minded attendees
  • Personal trainer's reminders
  • Detailed progress tracking

Additional support channels are available at all times for Bootcampers regarding information about the Virtual classroom, logistics of the program, clarifications about the contents of any course and IT support. Details are provided in the Virtual Classrooms.

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The Quant Bootcamp provides multiple networking opportunities:
  • e-Lounge: online venue to socialize with fellow Bootcampers and ARPM instructors
  • Social Mixer: an informal gathering to mingle, chat, play, share memories
  • Guest speakers: meet in person the top quants in the industry


Upon successful completion:
  • A Certificate of Attendance
  • 40 GARP CPD
  • Academic credits at partner universities
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