Participants can choose to enroll in the full ARPM Marathon, or in any of its individual core courses or refreshers.

You can enroll in a structured program with a customized itinerary that best fits your background and time availability.

Through live lectures, Q&A support, assignment grading, and more, we will guide you all the way from a one-on-one information session to earning the Certificate of Completion. This is how it works:

  1. You choose one or more of our four core courses:
  2. You also choose one or more of the refreshers, if required:

  3. We help you build a customized itinerary via a one-on-one information session with our staff. To make your customized itinerary possible, we run all courses twice a year:
    • Fall/Winter from September to February (next cohort in the below calendar)
    • Spring/Summer from February to July
    The courses are synchronized with the exam dates of the ARPM Certificate
  4. You obtain access to:
    • ARPM Lab:
      • Video lectures for your course(s)
      • Theory
      • Case studies
      • Data animations
      • Code (Python, Matlab, R)
      • Documentation
      • Slides
      • Exercises
    • Virtual Classroom:
      • Detailed syllabus with schedule and links to all Lab materials and deadlines
      • Networking e-Café/chat
      • 24hr Q&A forum for theory and code questions
    • Live flipped classroom lectures with breakout sessions
    • Homework assignment and grading
    • Learning management system, integrated across all channels

  5. At the end of your course(s) you receive a Certificate of Completion, provided that your forum activity, live classroom activity, and homework grades are satisfactory.

Note that you can also proceed with the program independently

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