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ARPM collaborates in multiple ways with universities: we offer advanced study materials integrated with a learning management system to programs in quantitative finance, economics, engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, statistics, data science.

Topics in Data Science and Quantitative Risk/Portfolio Management

Integrating your course(s) with ARPM's study/practice materials via our platform opens your Program to the most effective learning experience for the hard sciences. Your Program can offer one or more innovative, advanced course(s) to your students, as follows:

Upon successful completion of the course(s), students in your Program earn:

  • credits toward the completion of their academic degree in your Program
  • an ARPM Certificate of Attendance/Completion
  • continuing education credits with GARP

Quant Bootcamp Academia

Your university’s Program can include the Quant Bootcamp (delivered onsite in New York and via streaming) in their degree program as an elective course.

  • students in your Program attend in any or all of three formats:
    • streaming, interactive
    • onsite in New York
    • on demand, recorded, with two-month access to study/practice materials in the ARPM Lab
  • upon successful completion of the Quant Bootcamp, students in your Program earn:
    • credits toward the completion of their academic degree
    • Quant Bootcamp Certificate of Attendance
    • 40 GARP CPD credits

Learning Management System (LMS)

We have spent the past 10 years building our experience in teaching hard sciences online. We will bring your course to life on our platform, and train you on how to best deliver it to your students online, or onsite.

For a preview of our learning management system, please watch the brief demonstration video below. Please note that the video demonstrates the material, schedule and format of an ARPM course, but the LMS platform can be configured for any study materials, class schedule and class format.

Video Frame

ARPM provides both a cutting-edge e-learning management system and the method to use it effectively. This combination of platform and method makes delivering courses through ARPM superior to improvised combinations of off-the-shelf platforms and outdated methods.

Our platform not only provides an organized repository for your study materials and virtual classrooms for large group lectures and breakout sessions, but also notifications and reminders, communication tools including Q&A forums, and multiple progress tracking options. We track each student's class attendance and performance on homework, tests and quizzes, as well as how much time they spend studying the materials and even participating in the Q&A forums. All of this information is made available to both instructors and students via a detailed progress tracking interface.

Our method has been honed to maximize the effectiveness of the e-learning environment. We have developed a unique flipped classroom approach, with strict timing requirements. Students come to class prepared to discuss the materials rather than attempting to absorb new material during the lectures: we incentivize engagement before the live sessions by sending timed pointers and assigning portions of the course grading weight to work done before the live class. Classes are frequently split into small-group discussions to maximize participation. In these ways and others, we achieve results that are equal to if not superior to what is achieved with the traditional classroom approach.

And if your coursework happens to be in the areas of quantitative finance or statistics, we can also provide access to our content: we map your syllabus to our theory, case studies, and exercises; video lectures with matching slides; data animations and Python, MATLAB and R code that generate the practical case studies. We can even provide you with complete, off-the-shelf advanced quantitative finance courses.

Top universities around the world including New York University, Rutgers, Fordham, Jiaotong, and La Sapienza work with ARPM to deliver masters-level quantitative finance courses.

Click the “REQUEST INFO” button to:

  • Register for our live seminar on best practices for online instruction
  • Access paid sections of our platform
  • Attend one of our e-classes and experience our best practices from the student’s perspective.

Note: all of the above will be provided free for university instructors.

Contact us to learn more about the ARPM Academia program

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