One of the key features of the ARPM Bootcamp is the opportunity for each of us to mingle with the hundreds fellow attendees and guests. In addition to numerous informal opportunities, we organize two official networking events: the Gala Dinner and the Social Mixer.


Gala Dinner – August 16, 2018 Program

Rosenthal Pavilion – NYU, Kimmel Center, 10th floor

Our Gala Dinner provides a rare opportunity to engage in conversations with world-renowned quants. Past guests have included Rob Almgren, Peter Carr, Emanuel Derman, Bruno Dupire, Jim Gatheral, Alex Lipton, Bob Litterman, Bob Litzenberger, Andrew Lo, Dilip Madan, Fabio Mercurio, Til Schuermann, Steven Shreve, and more. During the evening, our invited speakers share their experiences, insights, and connections to the ARPM Bootcamp community.

Participants will have the opportunity to network with key industry leaders, which include leading banks, hedge funds, asset managers, and consulting firms.

The Gala Dinner also showcases various charitable organizations that focus on underserved communities. At the peak of the evening, we will present the charities with charitable donations on behalf of ARPM’s charitable fund One More Reason. Last but not least, the Gala Dinner culminates with the Lottery. Our promise: you will be (very positively) surprised at what you can win!

Note: Due to space limitations, access is guaranteed to the first 330 registrants. Later registrants will be put on a waiting list.


Social Mixer – August 14, 2018

This event allows attendees of the ARPM Bootcamp to get to know each other. Countries from all over the world and diverse paths of life will come together here in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Our Corporate Sponsors, leading financial firms, will also be there, adding zest to the conversations with their perspective. Hors d’oeuvres will be served.

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Our thousands of alumni include senior executives from world-renowned banks such as Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, funds such as BlackRock, Two Sigma and AQR, and a wide range of other professionals and academics with different backgrounds.


Hundreds of financial institutions worldwide have trusted ARPM with the education and the growth of their talent pool.


Educational non-profits and commercial providers of advanced quantitative financial services partner with us to bring ARPM education to their members and clients worldwide.


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