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Case studies

The Case studies channel of the ARPM Lab illustrates applications of the 10 steps of the ARPM Checklist in two case examples, first following the historical track and the second using the Monte Carlo approach. The historical implementation relies on the past realized scenarios of the invariants to model the future, while in the Monte Carlo implementation we estimate the distribution of the invariants via the more flexible copula-marginal approach. These cases differ from those interspersed within the Theory channel because they are carried through the Checklist from start to finish, rather than focusing on a just single isolated point.

The Case study pages are linked to the corresponding material in all of the other learning channels. Simply click one of the icons you see displayed on each page, and you will be taken to the data animation or code script or video lecture or slide deck that presents the same topic in these learning channels.

Case Studies example

Working through these two detailed case studies provides a rapid working overview of the Checklist, and the interface makes it easy to delve into the related sections of the other Lab channels to deepen your understanding.

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