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Quant Bootcamp program


The Quant Bootcamp is updated year after year. It includes talks from leading industry quants, as well as lectures on the most advanced quantitative techniques across Data Science and Quantitative Finance.

Specific topics include:

Machine learning
Factor modeling
Portfolio construction

Algorithmic trading
Investment risk management
Liquidity modeling
Enterprise risk management


This Quant Bootcamp is delivered:

  • In-person (*) at New York University, and streaming online, with interactive lectures, guest speakers, and networking lounge.
  • On-demand, which includes 3 month access to the recorded lectures, plus all the study materials.
    When you purchase the in-person/streaming version, you automatically also have access to the 3 month on-demand version
(*) not in 2021, due to Covid 19, we will be back in 2022
Quant Bootcamp Schedule
  • Keynotes: Leading industry quants share insights on modern quantitative finance. Come listen to leading quants, Andrew Ang, Dan di Bartolomeo, Jean-Philippe Bouchaud, Peter Carr, Alexander Lipton, Bob Litterman, Dilip Madan, and Fabio Mercurio.
  • Lectures: Attilio Meucci and other ARPM researchers lead you step by step through the core topics of modern quantitative finance (Data Science Foundations, Data Science for Finance, Advanced Data Science, Financial Engineering for Investment, Quantitative Risk and Portfolio Management) following ten sequential steps to model, assess, and improve the performance of a portfolio or firm.
  • Live Q&A: Attilio Meucci recaps the key points of the lectures and answers questions in real time.
  • Applications: ARPM researchers walk you through applications and exercises to illustrate the implementations.
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