ARPM Training

ARPM Training

Deep or Intense. Powered by the ARPM Lab

ARPM Training learning chart

We offer advanced courses with carefully calibrated depth/intensity trade-off in different formats

  • to individual practitioners/students, who attend at their own pace
  • to companies, customized and with additional services, as part of our customized corporate training
  • in universities, for credit, as part of our academic program.
All ARPM trainings include practice and review sessions on the ARPM Lab.
All ARPM trainings prepare for the ARPM Certificate, which covers the most relevant theory and applications across quantitative finance within a structured framework.

ARPM Bootcamp

The ARPM Bootcamp is an intense course, available online (anytime) and onsite (NY, August), that:
  • consolidates portfolio managers’ and risk managers’ expertise into a structured and rigorous quantitative framework
  • empowers avid learners with background in data science, engineering, computer science, physics and mathematics to gain the deep technical knowledge necessary to operate across the complex world of quantitative risk management and asset management.
In operation since 2007, the ARPM Bootcamp has over 2,500 alumni from around the world, including industry leaders and academics.

ARPM Marathon

The ARPM Marathon is a master-level online program that ensures the deepest absorption of the ARPM Certificate Body of Knowledge.
The courses of the ARPM Marathon can also be followed independently of one another:

Corporate training

We customize the ARPM learning experience, designing the most suitable program specifically for one cohort of employees in a given company.

Joining our corporate training includes:

  • customized program
  • customized schedule
  • customized workload
  • face-to-face with instructors
  • homework assignments
  • access to ARPM Lab
  • access to video lectures
  • personal trainer to keep you on track.
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