Academic program

ARPM collaborates in multiple ways with universities offering programs in quantitative finance, economics, engineering, physics, mathematics, computer science, statistics, data science.

ARPM Lab academic program

  • partner university instructors use the ARPM Lab to teach their classes
  • partner university students contribute code to the ARPM Lab as part of their coursework, special projects, or theses.

ARPM Bootcamp academic program

  • partner universities include the ARPM Bootcamp in their program as an elective course
  • partner university students attending the ARPM Bootcamp (onsite/online) earn credits toward the completion of their degree.

ARPM Marathon academic program

  • partner universities offer the online courses of the ARPM Marathon to students and executives, adding quality assistance: review sessions, grading, office hours
  • partner university students earn credits toward the completion of their academic degree and get prepared for the ARPM Certificate.

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Partner universities