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Body of Knowledge
Quantitative Risk Management

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Quantitative Risk Management

Performance definitions
Portfolio P&L
Trading P&L
Implementation shortfall
Excess performance
Path analysis
Stock variables
Credit value adjustment
Liquidity value adjustment
Static market/credit risk
Dynamic market/credit risk
Step 6. Aggregation - Historical
Step 6. Aggregation - Monte Carlo
Stress-testing in banks
Enterprise risk management
Enterprise risk management - Practice
Ex-ante evaluation
Stochastic dominance
Stochastic dominance fundamentals
Satisfaction/risk measures
Mean-variance trade-off
The fundamental risk quadrangle
Quantile (value at risk)
Expected shortfall and sub-quantile
Enterprise risk management
Coherent satisfaction measures
Induced expectations
Non-dimensional ratios
Ex-ante attribution: performance
Bottom-up exposures
Top-down exposures: factors on demand
Joint distribution
Application: hedging
Ex-ante attribution: risk
General criteria
Euler decomposition
Diversification management
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